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Rainbow Maker, Crystal Heart Ornament Suncatcher With Swarovski Prism, Exquisite Anniversary Crystal Gift & Decor, Circle Of Love

Rainbow Maker, Crystal Heart Ornament Suncatcher With Swarovski Prism, Exquisite Anniversary Crystal Gift & Decor, Circle Of Love

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Presenting my mesmerizing rainbow maker, crystal heart ornament & suncatcher! I designed this enchanting piece to radiate love, positive energy, and harmony. This stunning suncatcher features a genuine Swarovski Strass ball drop prism encircled with exquisite Swarovski crystal hearts. Hang it in any sunny spot and watch as the vibrant rainbow reflections fill your space with joy and tranquility. Perfect for your 15th anniversary gift, Feng Shui enthusiasts, this crystal gift and decor item will effortlessly enhance the energy flow in your home or office. Let the Circle of Love illuminate your surroundings and elevate your ambiance with its magical charm.

It is 3x3 inches


💎 Crystal is the gift for the 15th wedding anniversary and a mesmerizing gift for mom! Breathtaking home ornament window decor and gifts for her, grandma, mothers day, Valentines day, and wedding gift! This crystal rainbow maker sun catcher creates a spectacular dazzling display of rainbows when the sunlight tickles the beads and prism

I created this suncatcher using:
1 - #8558 30mm Swarovski Strass faceted ball drop prism w/laser logo RARE
11 – #5742 Swarovski Crystal Passions faceted Aurora Borealis finish 10mm heart beads
16 - #5328 Swarovski Crystal Passions clear faceted bicone beads 6mm

Why spend more for Swarovski? First and foremost Swarovski is unsurpassed in quality, clarity and shine when it comes to crystals. I can set two beads side by side one Swarovski and one another brand and Swarovski literally outshines them all!

History of Swarovski and why these crystals literally outshine the others!

Daniel Swarovski was the son of a glass cutter in Bohemian, modern day Czech Republic. He learned his manual glass cutting skills rom is father. Daniel at the age of 30, in 1892 invented a state-of-the-art machine that with unparalleled precision and speed cut crystals, prior to that they were cut manually.

Mr. Swarovski had a dream of creating “diamonds” for everyone. He founded the Swarovski Company in 1895.

A fun fact, in the movie “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend”, starring Marilyn Monroe, she is actually wearing Swarovski Crystals and not diamonds at all! When Ms. Monroe sings Happy Birthday Mr. President to John F. Kennedy the gown she is wearing is adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals.

The year of 1965 is when Swarovski starting creating components for chandeliers and in 1977 the division of Swarovski Strass was created for the chandelier industry (what I use prisms for).

The Xilion Cut, a new Swarovski development in crystal stones which sparkles with supreme radiance was developed in 2004.

Swarovski Crystals have been used in the backdrop curtain at the Oscars. Swarovski has collaborated with set design for Bond, Downtown Abbey and Broadway productions.

The end of a dazzling era of 55 years occurred when Swarovski announced in October of 2020 that they have terminated production of their beloved, brilliant, unsurpassed crystal lighting components. You will still find a limited line of stones and flat backs for the fashion and jewelry industry.

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