Mother Nature's Mandalas by Melbe Creations

Artwork infused with Mother Nature's Magnificence and filled positive symbolism and energy

Mother Nature’s Mandalas by Melbe Creations

I alleviate my depression, anxiety, PTSD & social anxiety disorder and find solace through Mother Nature and my art. Immersing myself in the Mother Nature’s world is where I feel protected and comfortable. I am fascinated with all the colors, textures, flora, fauna, and wildlife. Arranging my photographs by combining natures elements & transforming them into mandalas is utterly cathartic. Psychologically symmetry represents order & balance and promotes grounding. My designs are infused with nature and aids in creating a peaceful atmosphere. Mother Nature’s medicine! My products are designed to bring tranquility and harmony to you and your home.

Altruistic Alleviation

These are all blooms from my flower gardens.  It is a bouquet of lupines, lilacs, and superbell
calibrachoa (mini petunia).

Symmetry and Symbolism

Mother Nature’s influence on us is so profound that we have been compelled to assign symbolism her magnificent creations since our introduction to this world. Built into her creations you find symmetry everywhere, including us. Psychologically it represents structure, something we all crave in our chaotic world. My designs create both, and this is not only cathartic to create, but a therapeutic visual.