Collection: Butterfly Glass Ornament Suncatcher, With Hanging Beads & Crystal Pendulum Prism

Presenting my exquisite butterfly 3.5-inch ornament suncatcher.  A mesmerizing piece of art that will captivate your senses. This stunning suncatcher features a beautiful checkered butterfly incorporated into an intricate mandala art design, my own personal creation. Enhancing its charm are the delicate hanging crystal beads and crystal pendulum prism, creating a captivating dance of sunlight when hung in your window. Allow the gentle flicker of light to create a serene atmosphere while showcasing your love for butterflies. Embrace the magic of this enchanting suncatcher and let its mesmerizing display bring joy and wonder to your home or as a delightful gift for a nature lover.

✨ Add some extra special sparkle ✨ by upgrading to  a limited  RARE & stunning Swarovski Strass laser logo signed crystals prisms. My glass sun catchers are a memorable unique gifts for her & mom!  Did you know that crystal is the 15th anniversary gift?

This glass suncatcher illuminates my exclusive mandala design when light shines through it!  It is 3 - ½ inches in diameter. ★★★PLEASE NOTE:  These are images on GLASS, a transparent medium, the intensity of the color will change with the amount and type of lighting shining behind it and background.  Like a lampshade this SUNCATCHER looks best with natural light shining through it.  These are not massed produced; I make these to order and there will be slight differences in each one.