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Swarovski Crystals Suncatcher, Flower Mandala Suncatcher, Forget Me Not Design, Rainbow Prisms Heart Crystals Suncatcher, Unique Gifts Women

Swarovski Crystals Suncatcher, Flower Mandala Suncatcher, Forget Me Not Design, Rainbow Prisms Heart Crystals Suncatcher, Unique Gifts Women

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˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚* Bring some sparkle and be dazzled with my hand beaded crystal and glass mandala mobile suncatcher! This is a new size for Melbe Creations a 6 inch glass suncatcher adorned with my exclusive indigo blue forget me not design. All my mandala designs are created by me and are not available anywhere else! This glass mandala spins independently of the ring of beads for more enjoyment. I created this forget me not crystal mobile by using all of the finest quality crystal beads ever crafted, Swarovski Elements RARE heart & clover crystal beads, and a RARE Swarovski Strass prism. It will surely brighten your day with all of the twinkles and rainbows it showers on the walls, ceiling and floors. It 13 inches high by 7.5 inches wide.

This crystal rainbow maker sun catcher creates a spectacular dazzling display of rainbows when the sunlight tickles the beads and prism. The glass mandala suncatcher illuminates as the sun shines through it.


💎 Crystal is the gift for the 15th wedding anniversary and a mesmerizing gift for mom! Breathtaking home ornament window decor and gifts for her, grandma, mothers day, Valentines day, and wedding gift!

An exquisite crystal mobile suncatcher containing a total of 76 Swarovski Elements crystal beads surrounding my exclusive forget me not glass mandala design and completed with a RARE Swarovski Strass Arabesque exquisite prism. These Swarovski beads and prim are of unequaled craftsmanship, flawless beauty and are LASER ENGRAVED with the Swarovski Strass SIGNATURE LOGO!! When the sunlight tickles these crystals of impeccable quality a display of color, rainbows and twinkles absolutely dazzle and mesmerize you. This gorgeous piece will light up her life and she will be forever grated.


💥💥💥PLEASE NOTE: These are images on GLASS, a transparent medium, the intensity of the color will change with the amount and type of lighting shining behind it and background. Like a lampshade this SUNCATCHER looks best with natural light shining through it. These are not massed produced, I make these to order and there will be slight differences in each one.



This exclusive suncatcher is made of:
1 - Melbe Creations Glass Suncatcher 6 inches NEW SIZE
14 - #5000 RARE Dark Sapphire Round Faceted Bead 10 MM
14 - #5000 light Sapphire Round Faceted Bead 8 Mm
28 - #5328 Swarovski Crystal Passions Sapphire faceted bicone bead
7 - #5752 RARE Swarovski Elements Crystal Clover Bead 12MM
6 - #5741 RARE! Swarovski Elements Crystal Paradise Shine Love Bead 12mm
6 - #5328 Swarovski Crystal Passions Clear faceted bicone bead 12mm
1 - #5328 Swarovski Crystal Passions Clear faceted bicone bead 4mm
1 - #8908 RARE! Swarovski Strass Clear Arabesque prism (Laser Logo)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Swarovski Strass has announced that by the end of 2020 they will greatly reduce their product line. Obtaining an original magnificent piece by Swarovski will be increasingly difficult. I have secured some Swarovski crystal beads and prisms for some of my suncatchers. You may request any of my designs in my special suncatcher format.

The forget-me-not symbolizes sincere and everlasting love, faithful love even through tribulations, and a timeless bond. The forget-me-not is said to bring fond memories you shared with someone. It is also a symbol to be mindful of the ones you love in life and to create perpetual joyful memories while you are blessed to have them in your life. It is also a flower essence of the heart chakra

There is a German myth about a couple taking a romantic stroll along the Danube River. They spot the beautiful blue blooms of the forget-me-not. The handsome and romantic gent attempts to pick a bouquet for his love, but tragically slips and is swept away by the river’s fierce current. As he is carried away by the current he cries out to her, “Forget me not my love!” It is believed this is how the flower was named.

Symmetry is another manifestation of the balance of Yin and Yang, of the unimpeded flow of ch'i

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