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Sunlight Catcher & Rainbow Maker, With Swarovski Crystal & Heart Prism & Forget Me Not Ornament Suncatcher Dewdrop of Devotion

Sunlight Catcher & Rainbow Maker, With Swarovski Crystal & Heart Prism & Forget Me Not Ornament Suncatcher Dewdrop of Devotion

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Enhance your living space with this exquisite sunlight catcher & rainbow maker. Designed with love of nature and adorned with a mesmerizing Swarovski crystals & heart prism, this enchanting piece will fill your home with cascading colors and captivating light. The heart-shaped prism beautifully scatters rainbows across the room, creating a whimsical and magical ambiance. Complete with my exclusive  forget me not glass ornament suncatcher, this unique creation is sure to make a statement in any window or sunlit corner. Let the sun's rays dance and sparkle, as this sun catcher casts its spell of beauty and joy.

The overall dimensions are 9x5 inches

I can create a personalized custom suncatcher or you by adding a name date or short saying in the design, or I can add your image instead! Send me a conversation for more details.

💎  Crystal is the gift for the 15th wedding anniversary!


This suncatcher consists of:
35 - Preciosa bohemian Czech faceted round crystal beads 10mm to 6mm
7 - RARE #5741 Swarovski Paradise Shine Love bead faceted heart 12mm
1 - RARE #8781 Swarovski Strass Aurora Borealis heart prism 28mm (laser etched logo declares authenticity)
The center glass suncatcher is my forget me not mandala design titled : Dewdrops of Devotion

The forget-me-not symbolizes sincere and everlasting love, faithful love even through tribulations, and a timeless bond. The forget-me-not is said to bring fond memories you shared with someone. It is also a symbol to be mindful of the ones you love in life and to create perpetual joyful memories while you are blessed to have them in your life. It is also a flower essence of the heart chakra

There is a German myth about a couple taking a romantic stroll along the Danube River. They spot the beautiful blue blooms of the forget-me-not. The handsome and romantic gent attempts to pick a bouquet for his love, but tragically slips and is swept away by the river’s fierce current. As he is carried away by the current he cries out to her, “Forget me not my love!” It is believed this is how the flower was named.

Symmetry is another manifestation of the balance of Yin and Yang, of the unimpeded flow of ch'i

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