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Sea Turtle Crystal Sun Catcher Gifts, Light Catcher, Wall Hanging, Rainbow Maker, Sea Turtle Art, Hanging Prism Suncatcher For Window 101

Sea Turtle Crystal Sun Catcher Gifts, Light Catcher, Wall Hanging, Rainbow Maker, Sea Turtle Art, Hanging Prism Suncatcher For Window 101

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FREE HANGING BEADS AND PRISM WITH EACH SUNCATCHER! Bring the beauty of nature into your home decor with my nature infused mesmerizing 3.5-inch round sea turtle crystal light catcher - sun catchers! My glass & crystal rainbow prism suncatcher can be used as a sea turtle wall art or a window hanging. I have two designs that make exquisite sea turtle gifts! I add some sparkle to each rainbow maker by adding a set of crystal hanging crystal beads and your choice of a standard heart, pear shape or ball drop crystal prism that hangs below the glass mandala. (see my other images for examples) You may also upgrade to gorgeous Swarovski prisms! I can create a personalized custom suncatcher or you by adding a name date or short saying in the design, or I can add your image instead! Send me a conversation for more details.

I have several crystal prisms to choose from including a limited quantity of RARE & stunning Swarovski Strass laser logo signed crystals prisms. My glass sun catchers are a memorable mandala gifts for her & mom! Did you know that crystal is the 15th anniversary gift?

★★★PLEASE NOTE: These are images on GLASS, a transparent medium, the intensity of the color will change with the amount and type of lighting shining behind it and background. Like a lampshade this SUNCATCHER looks best with natural light shining through it. These are not massed produced; I make these to order and there will be slight differences in each one. This glass suncatcher illuminates my exclusive mandala design when light shines through it! It is 3 - ½ inches in diameter.


See my other sea turtle designs here:


🐢 The turtle symbolizes the navigator to Hawaiians. Throughout the ages humans have bestowed turtles with special meaning. Ancient myths from different cultures describe the world as resting on the turtle’s back. Among Far Eastern cultures it was believed that the turtle’s back symbolized Heaven and that its underside represented Earth. For them the turtle signified the possibility of uniting Heaven and Earth within one’s own life.

☯️ Symmetry is another manifestation of the balance of Yin and Yang, of the unimpeded flow of ch'i. Ch’I is a river pristine energy, a power that not only flows through us, but unites our tangible self, our body, thoughts, emotions and sensations to our intangible our spirit and consciousness. Ch’I is the crux of our pure self

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