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Rose Ornament Suncatcher With Crystal Pendulum Prism & Hanging Beads, Mesmerizing Mandala Art Open Heart

Rose Ornament Suncatcher With Crystal Pendulum Prism & Hanging Beads, Mesmerizing Mandala Art Open Heart

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Presenting my exclusive and captivating rose ornament suncatcher with crystal pendulum prism & hanging beads! This mesmerizing creation features my stunning mandala art design that will leave you spellbound. The vibrant rose ornament with its intricate details and delicate colors adds a touch of elegance to any space. Adorned with a crystal pendulum prism and charming hanging beads, this suncatcher not only embellishes your surroundings but also fills the room with enchanting reflections and soothing energy. Whether you hang it in a window or use it as a decorative accent, our rose ornament suncatcher is sure to be a conversation starter and a visual delight for all.  The dimension of the mandala is 3.5x3.5 inches over all length with pendulum and hanging beads depends on your choice of pendulum prism.

✨ Add some extra special sparkle ✨ by upgrading to  a limited  RARESwarovskiStrasscrystal pendulum prism. My glass sun catchers are a memorable unique gift for her & mom!  Did you know that crystal is the 15th anniversary gift.

This glass suncatcher illuminates my exclusive mandala design when light shines through it!  It is 3 - ½ inches in diameter. ★★★PLEASE NOTE:  These are images on GLASS, a transparent medium, the intensity of the color will change with the amount and type of lighting shining behind it and background.  Like a lampshade this SUNCATCHER looks best with natural light shining through it.  These are not massed produced; I make these to order and there will be slight differences in each one.

🌹 The rainbow rose 🌹  symbolizes happiness and joy.  The rainbow is a symbol of mystical beauty, promise, and illumination.  The rose is a flower essence of the root chakra.  In many cultures the rainbow symbolizes the bridge between heaven and earth.  The rainbow also symbolizes: hope, divinity, transformation and  harmony.  Symmetry is another expression of the balance of Yin and Yang, of the unrestrained flow of ch'i

🌹 This chakra suncatcher can be used as a focal piece while meditating.   Place this suncatcher where you will see it often.  Focus on the suncatcher and meditate on letting go of negative emotions you may be holding on to.  Focus on the here and now and the beauty in your life.  This suncatcher will be an ever present reminder of this and assist in maintaining the balance of your chakras.

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