🐝 Miniature Muse 🐝 Before and After

🐝 Miniature Muse 🐝 Before and After

🐝 Miniature Muse 🐝

🐝 Bee Meaning and Symbolism – Many cultures honor the bee and it is noted in many ancient cultures and mythologies. My favorite of course is the ancient Greek Goddess of Bees, Melissa. Melissa means honeybee in Greek and she also cared for the infant Zeus. She was turned into a beautiful bee by Zeus.

🐝  In ancient Egypt bees were a symbol of royalty and supremacy.

🐝 蜜蜂 The Chinese consider designs of a bee sitting on a flower to represent courtship, marriage and love. They also these design to represent a maiden’s purity and fertility due to the bee’s pollination ability. The Chinese culture also considers the bee to represent cheerfulness, fortuity, affluence and harmony.

 🐝 The overall symbolism of bees include: Love, Life, Order, Development, Knowledge, Beauty, Family, Happiness, Mystery, Sweetness, Nurturing, Community, Efficiency and Communication.

☯️ Symmetry is another manifestation of the balance of Yin and Yang, of the unimpeded flow of ch'i.  Ch’I is a river of pristine energy, a power that not only flows through us, but unites our tangible self,  our body, thoughts, emotions and sensations to our intangible, our spirit & consciousness.  Ch’I is the crux of our pure self.

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