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Bee T Shirt, Poet Shirt, Zen Mystical Insect Shirt, Witty Bug Shirt, Cute Shirts -Happiness Blooms From Within

Bee T Shirt, Poet Shirt, Zen Mystical Insect Shirt, Witty Bug Shirt, Cute Shirts -Happiness Blooms From Within

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Melbe Creations exclusive best-selling bee T shirts. This Zen mystical poet shirt is a cute shirt for teens & women. My cottage core insect bug bee mandala design adorns a soft unisex Bella Canvas shirt. This unique cool bee graphic design with the poetic witty quote "Happiness Blooms From Within", is sure to be one of my top selling t shirts!

This beautiful shirt is available in 9 different colors and sizes small through 3X large. A soft jersey crew neck tee made by Bella+Cavas is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

* Made with 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, a lightweight fabric that is easy to layer, breathable. Perfect for active and leisure wear.
* The retail fit that is perfect for casual and semi-formal settings. The crew neckline adds a classic, neat style that's perfect for accessorizing.
* Bella+Canvas manufactures all its products in the US and internationally in humane, no-sweatshop, sustainable way and is part of the Fair Labor Association as well as Platinum WRAP certified.
*The tear-away label minimizes skin irritations.

🐝 This is a tricolored bumblebee AKA Orange Belted bumblebee mandala design. I love all bees, but the orange belted is my favorite. They are so friendly and docile, and I adore his colors.

🐝 Bee Meaning and Symbolism – Many cultures honor the bee, and it is noted in many ancient cultures and mythologies. My favorite of course is the ancient Greek Goddess of Bees, Melissa. Melissa means honeybee in Greek, and she also cared for the infant Zeus. She was turned into a beautiful bee by Zeus.

🐝 In ancient Egypt bees were a symbol of royalty and supremacy.

🐝 The Chinese consider designs of a bee sitting on a flower to represent courtship, marriage, and love. They also represent a maiden’s purity and fertility due to the bee’s pollination ability. The Chinese culture also considers the bee to represent cheerfulness, fortuity, affluence, and harmony.

🐝 The overall symbolism of bees includes Love, Life, Order, Development, Knowledge, Beauty, Family, Happiness, Mystery, Sweetness, Nurturing, Community, Efficiency and Communication.

☯︎ Chi is another manifestation of the balance of Yin and Yang, of the unimpeded flow of ch'i. Chi is a river pristine energy, a power that not only flows through us, but unites our tangible self, our body, thoughts, emotions and sensations to our intangible, our spirit and consciousness. Chi is the crux of our pure self.

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